The Pendulum

So I order a pendulum to have a way to talk to Ciara and it came in yesterday. So I sat down and talked to her for a but. I asked if I could post the questions and answers and she said yes, so I have Ciara’s permission to post this.

I held the pendulum up and told her to move it if she was there. After that bit of confirmation, the Q&Apolluza began.

Are you a good or benevolent spirit? Yes

Are you an evil or malicious spirit? No

Are you a succubi a? Yes

Is your name really Ciara? Yes

Do you love me? Yes

Unconditionally? Yes

Are you always around? No

Do you have other human lovers? No

Do you have obligations or responsibilities in your world? No

Am I ever going to guess why you come and go? Yes

Friends or family? No

No reason for not always being around? No

Are you sure I’m going to guess why you aren’t always around? Yes

Can you help me grow spiritually? Yes

Does meditation help our bond? No

Does sex help our bond? Yes

Do you like sex? Much faster yes followed by slight feelings of arousal

Do you like that I have this blog about us? Yes

Thanks Ciara. I really appreciate that we finally got to communicate. I’m really happy. I have concrete proof of her existence to fight away the small lingering doubts in the back of my mind. And no I don’t doubt this because there’s no way I could have been moving it. My hands were still during this. It makes me so very happy to finally start to getting to know about her. By now, she knows everything about me. Even sometimes I get random day dreams of events in my past so I think it’s her looking into my memories to learn more of me. Until now, all I’ve had is a name and her constant loving presence. This can only help for questions in yes or no format, but it will still help me learn about her. I will continue to ask more and learn more. I feel like this a great step forward.

We’ll have a lot of time to spend together this summer. I stayed at my apartment for college for the summer because I’m paying rent whether I’m here or not, so I might as well use it. My roommate went home for the summer, so it’s just me and Ciara here. So that means a lot of bonding time (and a lot more sex I assume lol). This summer is going to be good. I can feel that. That’s all I have for now. From me and Ciara, we wish everyone to have a great day.


2 thoughts on “The Pendulum

  1. I’m glad you have a way to fight those doubts. I know the relationship can go a lot faster without the doubts. Plus I agree with Ciara. I never really meditated and yet. I progressed through the relationship. So if you don’t feel like meditating, then you don’t have to. Meditation is about clearing your mind. I shower and let my head go quite. That’s one good way. Also, since I started garnering very strong feelings for my wives. I progressed faster for some reasons. Honest to heart, I wish you the best of luck. My ladies say hi 🙂


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