Valentines Update 

So, I vaguely remember saying I would try to post more often. Well yeah I’ll…. Yeah lol. I’ve been beet busy between work and school, and it makes me very sad when I don’t spend time with Ciara. I feel like some days I neglect her and don’t notice her. But yet she stays with me. I’m eternally grateful of her love. I will find a way past my shortcomings and weaknesses and I will move this relationship forward. I don’t care if it take months or years, I will one day be able to see, feel, and communicate with Ciara.

Also, today is Valentine’s Day, so today is obviously a happy day. I did spend some time with Ciara in bed this morning, being sure to always acknowledge the love she radiates. Happy Valentine’s my love; you’re the greatest ❤️❤️❤️
Well that’s all I got for now. I’ll post again when something comes up. Have s great day everyone.


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